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Genderfluid Stamp by librafeminine, Bisexual Stamp by sunbirds and kinda confused about taxes.

Follow my on tumblr: currently on a dragon age high.
I decided to make a list of all my oc's, just for convenience's sake.

-Sumire (<- very old pic I should probably draw a new one but I'm too lazy)

My life as a bird:

Anthro Kingdom:

Duality OCT:

The Pack: they don't have names yet but meh, all in due time)

Distortion OCT:

Oc's I don't use anymore but am too stubborn to get rid of.

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[EDO-TOKYO] Make-overs by Firefairy001
[EDO-TOKYO] Make-overs
Mizuri: "Hmm all guys huh? Men's fashion is so difficult though, it's all the same. Sooo, maybe go for the basics and focus on color?"

On Leithe: "Let's stick with the whole blue theme, maybe add a dash of winter. Alright christmas sweater it is. And to go with the sweater some comfy loose jeans and Timberland boots."
On Kazuki: "Ugh, first of all let's get you out of those stuffy traditional clothes. And into something more comfy, maybe baggy pants with a bit of a drop-crotch? Oh I love the pattern on this shirt it's so fun. And a pair of loafers to finish the look."
On Yuu: "Hmm, you look like a fun guy so maybe pastel? Omg this mickey shirt is perfect, and I hope your masculinity ain't fragile because these pants work perfectly. Shoes, shoes, what shoes? Ooh light brown dress shoes work well with this color scheme."

So here are Mizuri's make-overs as promised, you can see that I had tons of fun with patterns xP
But anyway if anyone else would like me to draw their oc's in clothes Mizuri picked go ahead and throw them my way ^^

From left to right:
:iconkoshizuka:'s Leithe
:iconnarumiiblu:'s Kazuki
:iconpkprince:'s Yuu
Free make-overs[Closed] by Firefairy001
Free make-overs[Closed]
Eyyyyy, so to celebrate becoming a member I figured I'd draw some stuff.
And since I'm drawing, why not draw other characters :D and cus Mizuri loves clothes, make it fashion related.
So if you'd like a make-over from Mizuri go ahead and throw me your character, I can't promise I'll do them all but I'll sure as hell try ^^ (starting tomorrow)


[Don't worry to the people that've already thrown their characters our way for a make-over, you can expect them in the following week]
[EDO-TOKYO] Arai Mizuri by Firefairy001
[EDO-TOKYO] Arai Mizuri
Name: || Arai, Mizuri
Nickname(s) || Miz, Zuzu
Age || 24
Gender || cis female
Ethnicity || Japanese
Height || 5'4" / 162 cm
Birthday || 9th of January / Capricorn
Personality || +Caring
                         +Outspoken sense of justice

                         -Sore loser
                         -Petty when wronged

At first glance Mizuri can seem a bit bitchy and cold-hearted, but this is far from the truth. She just has a case of resting bitch face, which does not help first impressions. Once you get to know her and interact with her she actually quite friendly and respectful. If you manage to befriend her then you've gained a friend who has your back no matter what. She makes a point of being respectful to people, showing them that her appearance doesn't necessarily mean she's a delinquent that steals candy from babies and hits old people.
Her attitude towards her enemies is a complete 180 though. When wronged her revenge is twice as bad and she never lets go. Forgive and forget don't exist in her dictionary. Once on her black list always on her black list.

Path || Modern
Weapon || Katana
Ability || Shadow Manipulation
She can manipulate her own shadow to physically manifest and aid her by, for example, grabbing something. It's strength depends on the lighting, brighter light casts a sharper shadow which will be stronger, but it's strength never exceeds her own. The shadow will also always stay connected to her body and it has a maximum reach of 15 ft.
Advantages|| +Can be used to grab things unnoticed.
                         +Can be used to trip or distract foes.
                         +Also very useful when the remote is not near the couch.

Disadvantages || -Once manifested the shadow can be restrained or sliced.
                              -The shadow cannot be used as a weapon.
                              -The shadow can't reach beyond 15 ft. and can't be stronger than Mizuri's own strength.

Special Attack(s) || [Trip-up] She uses her shadow to trip her opponent when they don't expect it. In the moment her opponent rights himself she has either fled or attacked them already.
                                  [Shadow-shield] She can gather up her shadow in front of part of her body to catch blunt blows, this does not work with piercing weapons as they would slice through her shadow. She can still feel the impact somewhat but the shield lessens it so it's no longer harmful.


Overall || 16+3
STR ||  ☐(3)
DEF ||  ☑️☑️(4)
DEX ||  ☑️(3)
INT ||  ☐(3)
SPD ||  (2)
MAG ||  ☐(4)

History || The first few years of Mizuri's life were spent in an orphanage, her first name the only thing she received from her birth mother. When she was three years old she was adopted by a very traditional couple who own a kenjutsu dojo. The couple couldn't get children of their own so instead chose to adopt a child that could take over the dojo when they died. They followed the traditional values and raised Mizuri that way, since her father wanted her to take over the dojo he trained her in the art of the sword.
As she entered her teenage years she became more and more rebellious, wanting to choose her own way of life instead of blindly following her adoptive parents wishes. As the years progressed the rift between her and her adoptive parents became bigger and bigger, until they finally had enough of Mizuri's behavior and they adopted another child. A 6 year-old girl with the name Sumire.
And then at 20 years old they gifted Mizuri a katana and let her go her own way, wishing her to be well.
She gladly took this opportunity to make a life of her own and depend on noone but herself.
The first couple of months on her own were rough, having to adapt to life on her own, mostly relying on the money she received from her adoptive parents and her savings. After a particularly rough night, when she was thinking about going back to her adoptive parents with her tail between her legs, she started praying to Aratashii. It brought her some solace and gave her courage to keep going on her own, reminding her why she did what she did.
She doesn't know when exactly when she received her ability but discovered it when she was all cuddled up on her couch one night. She realized that she forgot the tv-remote and, in a moment of irritation, she tried the 'Matilda-mindtrick' obviously not expecting it to work. Her shadow materialized and handed her the remote. Completely baffled she stared at the shadow in front of her for a good minute before she poked it with the remote and hesitantly started to experiment.
After finding out about and joining the Modanisuto her life seemed to finally go the right way. She found a purpose, helping people broaden their minds and fighting for the Modanisuto. That was 3 years ago.

Likes & Dislikes || [Likes] Cats (she's very much a cat person), sweets, exercise, hot baths, fashion!!, spicy food,..
                                [Dislikes] Rats or mice, dirt, bland food, bullies, blindly having to listen to others, spiders, flies (cus those fuckers sit on EVERYTHING),..

Trivia || -Mizuri has quite an extensive collection of shoes and clothes, all in the same 'rebel' style. She oftens treats herself by buying something new.
                -She has an agreement with her landlord, she chases off troublesome people from in and around his building and in return she gets her small apartment for a bargain price.
                -She often leaves out food for stray cats, they recognize her as someone who often gives them food and let her come close to them.
                -She never saw her adoptive parents as anything other than that, adoptive parents. She called them by their names instead of saying 'mom' or 'dad'. This does not mean that she doesn't love them though.
                -She left her adoptive parents on good terms, they realized she was who she was and they couldn't change her and she is very thankful to them for that.
                -Despite their insistence that it's not necessary, she sends them a small sum of money each month. To pay them back for the years they took care of her and raised her. To show them she is thankful.
                -She's demi-romantic and bi-sexual, aka attracted to any gender but only falls in love once she has a deep connection with someone.
                -She works in a supermarket, it doesn't pay big bucks but it enough to pay the bills and sometimes treat herself.
                -She hopes to one day find her birth mother.
                -Almost always wears platform shoes or heels, because being smol is a curse.

[I'm probably gonna be replacing the fullbody with another drawing since I made the big mistake to draw on a canvas that was too small and I couldn't really get any details in :/ but for now this will do.]

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